Cattle For Sale

Scarlett Moon, homo polled, a2a2, dam and sire are reserve Grand champion
Chaneys Betty, heter polled, a2a2, halter train, almost ready to be bred
Pomona Juno, homo polled, a2a2, almost ready to breed
RAVEN, Homo polled, a2a2, ADCA 044407
DOB 9/23/18



Sapphire, adca 044250, homo polled, a1a2, dob. 9/1/18



Suri and Sapphire, both for sale, both homo polled, a1a2

We are offering heifers. Chaneys Raven, Scarlett Moon, Sapphire, Betty, Destiny, Autumn, Cranberry, each heifer is $1500 at weaning, not halter trained. email or call for details! We also have bred cows and steers.